"finding the truth in all matters" - We focus on the ultimate truth and we let the evidence lead us to that truth. 

ABOUT Forensic Security & Investigations:

Forensic Security & Investigations, Inc. is the brainchild of nationally recognized private investigator, Tom Gorgone,  and is licensed, bonded and insured to provide our services in the State of West Virginia.  Our services are provided to the legal, business and private communities throughout the state.  Our investigators consist of former law enforcement officers, former United States military personnel and trained scientists in their field of service.  From the top down, Forensic Security & Investigations, Inc. does not enter an investigation with any preconceived notions and simply allow the evidence to lead us to the truth in any case we undertake.  We follow the old adage of “the truth shall set you free” and we strive to get to the truth in every case.  If you need to find the truth in your case, then we are your best bet to accomplish that mission. 

Private Investigators  and Process Servers available in Procious, Charleston, Parkersburg, Morgantown/Fairmont. Effectively covering the entire state of West Virginia.

Call to talk to us today at 304-587-4828 or 304-587-2813 and get started on your quest for a truthful and honest professional investigation. 

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