The basic need for an investigator is to confirm or uncover the truth.  Our focus is on “finding the truth in all matters.”  We focus on the ultimate truth and we let the evidence lead us to that truth.  While there are no guarantees in what we will find, we guarantee that the one thing we will find is the truth. 

Our staff of qualified professional investigators consists of former federal, state and local law enforcement officers with over 50 years of collective investigative experience.  Our forensic staff is made up of scientists and experts in their field.  Our goal in any investigation is to allow the evidence to lead us to the truth and to provide quality professional investigations to our clients.



The most important thing is to define your goals

What Really Matters

Our investigators consist of former law enforcement officers, former United States military personnel and trained scientists in their field of study.  From the top down, Forensic Security & Investigations, Inc. does not enter an investigation with any preconceived notions and simply allows us to find the evidence to lead us to the truth in any case we undertake.  We follow the old adage of “the truth shall set you free” and we strive to get to the truth in every case.  If you need to find the truth in your case, then we are your best bet to accomplish that mission. 

About Us


We are experienced in providing investigative support in various criminal litigation matters. We have conducted court-appointed criminal defense investigations involving capital murder, arson, rape and burglary. White collar crimes involving embezzlement, theft and ethics violations.